Xmas Game HD Free

Beautiful Xmas image puzzle

Xmas Game HD is a puzzle game for all ages.Below are some of the wonderful features packed in:☆ Collection of puzzles of Christmas images for kids and adults alike.
☆ Great for keeping kids busy while they wait for Santa to arrive.
☆ Supports all iOS devices – iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
☆ Slide the puzzle pieces into the correct position to assemble the photo.
☆ Entertaining brain teaser app for everyone.
☆ Play while you listen to Christmas music in the background.
☆ Option to turn of music.Choose level 1, 2 or 3 – from simple to difficult.

☆ Level 1 has 5 missing puzzle pieces,
☆ Level 2 has 8 missing puzzle pieces and
☆ Level 3 has 12 missing puzzle pieces.

It’s an exciting time and this puzzle game is just the right game for times like this.